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My Favorite 5 places to decor

1. Home Goods

Home Goods Is by far my favoriteeeeeee place. I mean I actually travel to various locations just to see what they have. One time I was at a party and left early to go to the nearest Home Goods...yeah..I know introvert problems. #IDC #Irathershopdecorthanparty.

2. Trader Joes

YASS Trader Joes! So this is where I purchase my fresh flowers and eucalyptus plants. By far the cheapest and best quality, hands down.

3. Target

Target just warms my soul. Its not as cheap was Walmart so I feel like I've made it when I shop there. If you follow me on snapchat you know that I've actually redecorated a section of target...not officially...I mean they don't know who I am... so yes I looked like a crazy person but I enjoyed it!!!

4. Hobby Lobby

So I do not have a Hobby Lobby near me so when I got away on state side vacations I google maps the best route to ensure I stop at a Hobby Lobby. When home, I will sometimes order offline. They have the best Christmas ornaments and candle sticks.

5. Burlington

So if you don't know by now that Burlington is more than coats than you are living under a rock. This is where I go to get filler decor pieces like picture frames and pyrex dishes.

Happy Shopping


Peony London

#homedecorstores #shopping #traderjoes #target

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